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Genshin Impact: Kamisato Ayato passive talents revealed

Published: 12:33, 21 February 2022
Genshin Impact character Ayato
Genshin Impact - Kamisato Ayato

A recent Genshin Impact leak has revealed more information about the upcoming character Kamisato Ayato. He is expected to arrive in Genshin Impact Version 2.6

The official Genshin Impact Twitter account has finally confirmed that we are going to see a new addition to the character roster, the long-awaited Hydro sword user Kamisato Ayato.

Recent beta leaks have revealed a lot of information about the upcoming Genshin Impact update 2.6 which should arrive at the end of March. The new update will apparently bring another double banner re-run alongside Ayato.

Another Genshin Impact leak  on reddit has apparently revealed Ayato's Passive talents:

  • Kamisato Art: Kiyotaki Jouhou - After it is used, Ayato will gain 2 Wave Flash stacks. When the water illusion explodes due to being attacked, Ayato gains a Wave Flash effect equal to the maximum number of stacks possible
  • Kamisato Art: Katusui Senkok - Suiyuu's damage is increased based on 3 per cent of Ayato's max. HP
  • Kamisato Art: Daily Cooking - When Ayato cooks a dish perfectly, he has an 18 per cent chance to receive an additional "Suspicious" dish of the same type

Reddit Genshin Impact character Ayato Genshin Impact - Kamisato Ayato

Kamisato Ayato has been one of the most anticipated characters in the Genshin Impact community since his name came up in the game's stories. He will apparently be the only character to arrive in update 2.6

Another rumor on the same subreddit apparently reveals more about Ayato's party role. According to a leak on the popular Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit, Ayato will have strong DPS capabilities. He will be a traditional DPS character with a strong focus on Normal Attacks, similar to Arataki Itto.

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