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Genshin Impact: Electro Traveler skills have been revealed

Published: 12:11, 09 June 2021
screenshot from Genshin Impact 1.3 version trailer
Genshin Impact

Recent Genshin Impact leaks have revealed some additional information about the Traveler, the game's main character games. The new region Inazuma is arriving in a couple of weeks and so is a new element for Aether and Lumie.

The main character in the game, also known as the Traveler, isn't particularly one of the strongest characters later on in the game. Many players and tier lists consider him to be either C or D tier. He can equip two different elements at the moment, Anemo and Geo. Each of the elements represents the region they were acquired in, Anemo for Monstadt and Geo for Liyue.

With the upcoming introduction of the new region Inazuma, the main character could make a return to many players' main parties. The representative element of Inazuma is Electro which means that the traveler will be able to use the new element fairly soon. Thanks to Honey Hunter World we have some additional information about Electro Lumie/Aether.

Even though the translation seems a bit unclear, it looks like the Elemental Skill is called Raikage Sword. The skill will release three electro shadows that damage the opponents. The skill will also leave a mark on the target which by consumption will restore elemental energy as well as increase the efficiency of skill recharge for a couple of seconds. 

The Elemental Burst is called Thunderstorm and it apparently gives an electro shield that, similar to Beidou. The shield will infuse your basic attacks with electro which will trigger elemental reactions and deal bonus damage. This burst will also have some additional effects such as recharging energy.

mihoyo Genshin Impact screenshot showing female characters Genshin Impact

When it comes to the release date, there is no official information. All we know for sure is that Electro Traveler is coming along with the new region Inazuma which should arrive on update 1.7. According to miHoYo's usual habit of releasing patches every six weeks, we could expect Inazuma around July 20.

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