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Fighting EX Layer no longer a PS4 exclusive, coming to Steam soon

Published: 15:26, 28 September 2018
Picture of Garuda in Fighting EX Layer by Arika
Fighting EX Layer

Arika announced that Fighting EX Layer is coming to PC via Steam soon in their typical fashion - a small, modest YouTube video with no unnecessary flair where they showed off a little gameplay and announced the game is coming to Steam.

According to the bare bones teaser trailer, Fighting EX Layer will come to PC in either 2018 or 2019 but definitely in 4K. As we previously stated, there isn't much time wasting when Arika's announcements and trailers are in question. This particular trailer showed the game in a Steam library, but it is likely some time will be needed for localization, if it happens at all.

Fighting EX Layer features fighters from other franchises, such as the newly announced Terry Bogard from SNK's Fatal Fury series as well as their own. Most of these characters appeared in previous crossovers Arika worked on, such as Street Fighter EX. If you got the Street Fighter vibe from the gameplay above, you are not wrong and considering the past co-operation between Capcom and Arika, it is not an odd occurrence either.

There are 18 fighters in total in Fighting EX Layer as Arika kept adding new characters over time ever since the game's PlayStation 4 release in June 2018. While not all of these characters are available on PlayStation 4 yet, they should be on the console as well as on the PC version by the time the latter comes out.

Fighting EX Layer scored favourable reviews across the board, as the critic score stands at 73, while user score is standing at 6.6 on . The somewhat lower user score can be attributed to disgruntled players who took offence at the game initially not having a single player mode.

Arika Picture of two Allens duking it out in Fighting EX Layer Fighting EX Layer

This was rectified in an update down the road, when Arika announced single-player Arcade Mode, which will likely be included in PC version from get go. We will keep you posted on any further developments regarding Fighting EX Layer on PC but you can also check Arika's official for first hand information.

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