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Fall Guys is crossing over with Sonic the Hedgehog

Published: 03:37, 13 October 2020
Fall Guys Sonic costume
Fall Guys Sonic costume

Mediatonic are cooking something special for the Fall Guys fans as they are teaming up with SEGA to bring about Sonic cosmetics into the cutesy battle royale.

Fall Guys' Season 2 is getting more content soon, in the shape of a blue hedgehog with a proclivity for breakneck speeds. Sonic will be only "sort of" available in the game since it's not the character itself making an appearance but rather a costume for the jellybeans. 

Regardless, it looks like another cute addition to the platformer battle royale that is sadly being invaded by a plague of cheaters. Then again, Mediatonic already noted they are hard at work and already managed to place them into a jail of sorts where they will face off against other scum.

Anyway, Sonic costume will be arriving on October 14, 2020, which means it's almost upon us. While the memes will certainly be interesting with the new addition, we dread to think of all the people who will spam "gotta go fast" while playing with this particular cosmetic. Cheaters speed hacking with it will probably turn out to be inevitable and cruel irony for the devs.

Devs didn't announce the pricing for the cosmetic just yet but with the release being just around the corner, fans will not have to wait for long to find out.

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