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Expected changes to League of Legends client coming in season 12

Published: 08:47, 06 January 2022
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We've all had our fair share of issues with the League of Legends client. Riot are, with player feedback, enacting changes to it. Not to make it work, though, but to make it prettier.

The League of Legends Client is the program from which players interact with League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, without playing the game. Players log into the client using their Riot Account and have the option to stay logged in. Even his basic option only works sometimes, not to mention the mess that is the friend list or the post-game lobby.

However, Riot are enacting changes to the team lobby that, in our experience, will make things even worse. The first of those changes can be experienced now, with the first change focusing on a new way of choosing roles, to make room for the, previously announced, achievements.

How or why Riot have come to this decision, we are unsure, as the previous update, a very small one, made accessing the post-game lobby virtually impossible for a time.

Reddit League of Legends - Current lobby changes League of Legends - Current lobby changes

With the new season less than two days away, and new bugs popping up and joining the old and unresolved ones, it doesn't bode well.

It begs the question of why preseason for season 12 was even this long, with no significant updates to the game, and zero resolved issues. Was this Arcane Riot's only focus this preseason, and are they destroying neglecting League of Legends for their new and shiny projects? Knowing Riot, that is exactly what is happening.

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