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Epic and Unreal Engine going for animated movie Gilgamesh

Published: 21:50, 21 January 2021
Gilgamesh by FilmSharks
Gilgamesh by FilmSharks

We suppose we can't fault Epic for being fond of epics, and one of the best ever told is being retold through Unreal Engine tech by Hook Up animation studio.

Epic seem to have aimed for the Latin connection here, as Gilgamesh also features Argentinian companies DuermeVela and FilmSharks. It will be directed by Tomas Lipgot, again an Argentian and producer of The Adopters.

That said, Sweeney and Co don't seem to be participating, at least not in terms of the grunt work. They are, however, both providing the tech and ultimately footing the bill, which is certainly a deal one could live with.

It will be Epic's dev grants that take care of the $100 million required to bring Gilgamesh to the big screen, while the rest of the teams take care of the story, audio, animation and the rest. 

Epic must feel like having killed a few birds with one stone, as they are producing what hopefully ends up being a great movie, while still encouraging younger developers to practice their craft and contribute to the industry in a healthy environment.

At the same time, the studio gets to promote the awesome cinematic capabilities of Unreal Engine, which are fast becoming a vastly cheaper, not to mention versatile way to do movies. If you've seen The Mandalorian, then you know that the game engine passed the cinematic requirements test with flying colours - not a small feat on not a small franchise.

Epic Games Fortnite - Master Chief Fortnite - Master Chief

Unreal Engine will only be more represented as time goes by since it allows artists with measly budgets to make things that major studios would've killed for just a decade ago. 

"It’s an honour to see Epic Games supporting Gilgamesh through the Epic MegaGrants program. Although animation has done an excellent job of entertaining through comedy and colorful creatures, there is also a huge appetite and opportunity to share cultural stories and tell larger-than-life mythical tales", said FilmSharks' CEO Guido Rud.

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