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Ellie and Dina talk about Spy Kids in new The Last of Us Part II leaked gameplay

Published: 08:27, 04 April 2020
Naughty Dog
The Last of Us Part 2 characters riding horses
The Last of Us Part 2, Patrol mission

A short 30-second video of The Last of Us Part II gameplay has surfaced online. The video features Ellie and Dina in gorgeous winter scenery, talking about Spy Kids films.

The Last of Us Part II delay came as a big disappointment to many fans who are anticipating the sequel. Naughty Dog and Sony confirmed earlier this week that the game is delayed indefinitely, meaning that new release date has not been set and the game will release only when the time is right. 

A reliable source, Jason Schreier confirmed that the decision to delay the game is purely economical, since at the moment, it is very hard to print out and ship physical copies of the game.  "A Naughty Dog source tells me the game is basically done, and this decision was made purely for economic/logistical reasons," Schreier wrote.

Anyway, just a day after the delay, a new gameplay video has surfaced online, accidentally or not, it is not clear at the moment. It is a short, 30-second video that features Ellie and Dina riding their trusty steeds. Interestingly, Ellie talks about a certain film that she enjoyed in the good old days and to us, it sounds a lot like Spy Kids film. She mentions it has four parts and how Joel saw the last one in theatres. 

It is a lovely little chat as the girls travel through gorgeous-looking winter scenery. 

Sony The Last of Us Part II screenshot showing Ellie against a foe The Last of Us Part II

The video was quickly taken down but thanks to Youtuber THE PlayStation Brah you can watch it above. The second gameplay clip was also available but sadly also got taken down and we are yet to find a re-upload.

The Last Of Us Part 2

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The Last Of Us 2
The Last Of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part II is PlayStation exclusive and it should arrive sometime this year.

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