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Dying Light Platinum Edition is shambling towards Nintendo Switch

Published: 12:31, 17 September 2021
Dying Light Platinum Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch
Dying Light Platinum Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch

Techland just announced that Dying Light (Platinum Edition) will be available on Nintendo Switch. The announcement was accompanied by an animated trailer.

Dying Light is creeping its way onto Nintendo Switch, Techland just revealed. The announcement came along with a Techland-produced promotional animated video and key art of the first Dying Light on Nintendo Switch.

Dying Light on Nintendo Switch The Next Level of Freedom trailer
Dying Light Platinum Edition on Switch

Techland recently confirmed that they will be rolling out the Platinum Edition of the original Dying Light onto Nintendo's handheld hybrid. The promotional campaign kicked off with the cartoon stylized video teasing it out with the slogans "Freedom - Parkour - Combat". 

More information and videos coming soon.

About Dying Light

Dying Light is a first-person action game focused on survival in a city infested with flesh-eating zombies. Players are encouraged to scavenge for supplies, craft their weapons and face off against the face-eating horde.

There is an accent on parkour mechanics that let the player traverse the world in all kinds of imaginative ways - a trait that will nicely translate onto Switch.

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