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Dirt 5 leads the pack of the next Xbox Game Pass batch of games

Published: 20:45, 16 February 2021
Dirt 5 vehicle on a mud track
Dirt 5, mud tracks have never looked better!

Earlier today, Microsoft have revealed that a new batch of Xbox Game Pass games is set to arrive on the service in the second half of February, and subscribers of the service are in for a treat!

Microsoft have been doing some great work with its Xbox Game Pass service lately, and all its subscribers are in quite a feast in the second part of the ongoing month as some really great games are headed to the library, both PC and console. 

Frontier Developments Picture of a ship in space mining an asteroid in Elite Dangerous Elite Dangerous is set to arrive on XGP this month.

From Dirt 5 and Code Vein, to Pillars of Eternity, and awesome Superhot: Mind Control Delete, gamers are sure to find something of their taste.

  • Code Vein (PC) – February 18
  • Pillars of Eternity (Cloud & Console) – February 18
  • Wreckfest (Cloud, console & PC) – February 18
  • Killer Queen Black (Cloud & Console) – February 23
  • DiRT 5 (Cloud, console & PC) – February 25
  • Elite Dangerous (Console) – February 25
  • Superhot: Mind Control Delete (PC) – February 25 

As Dirt 5 is about to join the huge library of available titles, its older brother is bound for the exit. Dirt 4 will be leaving Xbox Game Pass service on February 24. Here is the list of all games that will be leaving after it, on February 28:

  • Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight (Console and PC) 
  • Mother Russia Bleeds (PC) 
  • Oxenfree (Console and PC) 
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 4 (Console) 
  • Vambrace: Cold Soul (Console and PC)
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