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Camelot Unchained still has no release date, but gets a siege test

Published: 18:35, 08 February 2020
City State Entertainment
A screenshot from Camelot Unchained showing a female archer in leather armor next to a skeleton on a coastline.
Camelot Unchained

Mark Jacobs, the head at City State Entertainment, recently caught a lot of flak as he announced a new game while Camelot Unchained backers were expecting more information on the MMO. Now CSE are inviting backers to a siege test.

Camelot Unchained is one of those Kickstarter projects with massive development cycles as City State Entertainment decided to make their own engine in order to accommodate for the needs of the upcoming game. Unfortunately, this resulted in over seven years of waiting and unfulfilled expectations from the backers.

For that reason, it is not exactly unexpected that they went berserk on Mark Jacobs when he announced that a new game, named Ragnarok: Colossus is in development. This game is sort of an action RPG but also has tower defence elements. In other words, it is nothing like Camelot Unchained and is definitely not what backers expected from the live stream update.

In the stream one week after the Diablo Immortal-like switcheroo, Jacobs started off by apologising to the backers and then showing the Cherry Keep scenario with hundreds of NPCs firing mortars and magic at each other as well as the walls crumbling due to too much damage.

CSE then invited the backers to join in on the fun which resulted in over 100 players joining around a thousand NPCs in the madness. Considering that having 100 players in the same place routinely makes modern games run like a PowerPoint presentation, Camelot Unchained's relative smoothness with 1100 or so actors was quite an achievement.

Unlike Star Citizen, Camelot Unchained didn't rake in hundreds of millions of backer bucks but the fans are evidently losing their patience. Whether they will go ballistic over updates in the future remains to be seen but a release date is something they desperately crave and it's still something that keeps eluding them all those years after Kickstarter campaign.

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