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Call of Duty 2021 gameplay will reportedly feel more like Modern Warfare than Cold War

Published: 15:54, 04 August 2021
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screenshot showing cod ww2 vanguard artwork
Call of Duty WWII: Vanguard fan art

According to the rumours, the Call of Duty 2021 title's gameplay will feel more like Call of Duty Modern Warfare than Black Ops Cold War. Apparently, the game is returning to IW8 engine that was created for Modern Warfare.

Activision are yet to officially announce this year's Call of Duty game but at their latest earnings report, the publisher confirmed they will indeed be releasing a new Call of Duty game, to no one's surprise. 

Thanks to some insider leaks, we know that the game will be another World War 2-themed game. Activision earlier confirmed that Sledgehammer Games are helming the project.

Other than that, the details are pretty scarce but today, Modern Warzone Twitter brings a couple of new interesting bits of info regarding the Call of Duty 2021 gameplay. 

Apparently, Call of Duty 2021 or Call of Duty Vanguard how it's reportedly called, will feel a lot like Modern Warfare gameplay-wise, especially when compared to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

"COD 2021 / Vanguard will feel a LOT like Modern Warfare gameplay wise, especially when compared to Cold War. Call of Duty is returning to the IW8 engine that was created for Modern Warfare and is still used in Warzone. It should also have tweaks and upgrades to the engine," Modern Warzone tweeted.

As always with rumours, we suggest you take this with a grain of salt even though Modern Warzone have been credible with leaks before. 

If this year's Call of Duty is indeed using the IW8 engine that Infinity Ward created for Modern Warfare, then this is something that will certainly make many Call of Duty fans happy. If only Activision also decide to drop SBMM.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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