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Baptiste's release date in Overwatch may be later than you expect

Published: 00:18, 14 March 2019
Overwatch's support hero added in February 2019 - Baptiste
Overwatch, Baptiste

Blizzard have revealed that the latest hero to join Overwatch roster will be released on 19 March 2019 which is a bit later than 14 March 2019 that some players expected as Thursday is usually when Jeff from Overwatch team releases updates.

Overwatch's 30th hero will be a combat medic named Baptiste, but mostly everyone knows that by now. On the other hand, not everyone knew when he was going to be released but Blizzard finally revealed that information too, he would come on Tuesday, 19 March 2019.

Despite being a support hero, Baptiste will offer decent offensive capabilities and is a likely candidate for a hero that will shift the meta. Blizzard seem to be working hard on crippling GOATS and other dive compositions in professional and competitive play and Baptiste's Immortality Field may just help save lives bubbled Reinhardts might be looking to ruin.

On top of that, Baptiste's ultimate, Amplification Matrix will double the damage and healing from friendly projectiles that pass through it, providing an ideal ability for medium to long range heroes. Those in casual play will likely enjoy having Baptiste riding the payload with a modified pirate ship strategy as Bastion with double damage sounds extremely scary.

If Reinhardt happens to be babysitting said Bastion, he can also utilise the ultimate to send a Fire Strike that can instantly kill any hero with 200 or less health.

Moira and Anna should work particularly well in pair with Baptiste as the former's Biotic Rifle will heal 150 health per shot while Biotic Grenades will heal a staggering 200 health if any of them pass through Amplification Matrix. Moira, on the other hand, can potentially provide an extremely quick burst of healing or damage through her orbs, but the total amount will stay the same.

Blizzard Overwatch's support hero added in February 2019 called Baptiste Overwatch, Baptiste

McCree has seen several buffs lately but Baptiste may prove to be a major one. His ultimate also amplifies the damage of Deadeye, meaning it can potentially cut the channelling time the cowboy needs in half and proceed to one-shot everything in sight.


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