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Bannerlord community seems to be getting progressively more toxic

Published: 02:10, 13 July 2021
If only the game code could be as orderly as this
If only the game code could be as orderly as this
Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

Where there are people, there are problems. Where there is competition, there is resentment, and where there is both, usually in multiplayer games, there is toxicity.

Since the dawn of Warband, the Mount & Blade series could be described as a community of people living out their fantasy, in a land of their choosing, thanks to various mods, in a way they wish, thanks to the game's sandbox nature. 

However, with the arrival of Bannerlord, this has started to change. Bannerlord is a game that is developed after years of built-up expectations, and there was no way TaleWorlds could manage to satisfy all of its fanbase. They could have, at least, satisfied the majority of them, with putting out a playable game that does not need a full year of updates, or more, to not crash or bug out every so often, some may point out.

These can be said to be problems of the past, though. The game is on its way to becoming decent, but its community, it would appear, not so much.    All this time of constant patches and updates to make the game come even close to Warband in mechanical execution has made the fanbase bitter and cynical, criticizing every move the developers make, plummeting their drive, in doing so.

One other aspect of the time in which Bannerlord was announced is online multiplayer. Though Warband had this option, not much focus was put on it. These days, however, we may as well expect powerwash simulators to have a competitive scene, much less Bannerlord.

In the most recent patch, developers have taken some drastic measures in restricting player communication during multiplayer.

TaleWorlds Entertainment Looters in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord So you keep saying, over and over, and over, and over again...

"Added a spam filter to chat. Players can send up to 5 messages in the span of 15 seconds. If players exceed this limit, the spam filter will not let any messages be sent.

"Lowered the character limit on chat messages from 500 to 100."

Has the situation truly become so dire, that all players must be subjected to this, or is there something else in place? Perhaps, something such as the game crashing due to empty messages being spammed, or some other of the million reasons the game crashes. As fans, we may never know.

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