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Apex Legends silently nerfs three weapons

Published: 10:48, 09 February 2022
Apex Legends, Season 8: Mayhem screenshot
Apex Legends, Season 8: Mayhem brings Legendary Magazines

Respawn Entertainment nerfed a few Apex Legends weapons without including them in the patch notes but the community caught the changes anyway.

Apex Legends usually boasts great transparency but it was not the case with the latest changes to three quick-firing weapons. The weapons in question are Alternator, Prowler and R99, all of which received a blanked nerf to hip-fire spread in patch 12.0.

Hip-fire spread for these guns has been increased by 20 per cent while standing, 13 per cent while running, eight per cent while sprinting and 14 per cent while airborne.

These changes are quite significant if you were planning on spraying enemies without looking down the sights as the effective range of the three weapons in such scenarios is effectively decreased.

While all three affected weapons have a high rate of fire, the nerf didn't affect any other contestants for the world record in lead spitting per minute. On the other hand, the Volt SMG didn't get buffed the way it was announced.

The patch notes state the new mag size is 30 but if you pick the weapon up, you will be able to see it's still 28. It's unclear whether this was a typo in the patch notes or Respawn forgot to implement the intended change.

Whatever the case, R99 is the fan favourite weapon and it's probably going to cause the most controversy with these nerfs.

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