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Apex Legends: Mad Maggie abilities revealed

Published: 16:23, 31 January 2022
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends - Mad Maggie
Apex Legends - Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie is looking to blow things up close but she is also going to be useful to teammates in Apex Legends due to her powerful passive ability.

Apex Legends fans already know the backstory with Mad Maggie but here is a quick recap. She used to be inseparable with Fuse but then blew his arm off when he joined Apex Legends. Eventually, she got herself arrested and Octane's dad sentenced her to compete in the same deathmatch, which is how we are getting the new Legend.

Maggie's kit reflects this impulsive and unhinged nature well. 

Riot Drill, the tactical ability will be a great utility to flush enemies out behind cover because it's able to burn them even behind obstacles. It also speaks to the character's explosive desires at a spiritual level.

Anyway, Maggie's passive is bound to create a lot of discussion about Legend balance. It makes her move faster while wielding a shotgun, but more importantly - she will briefly highlight enemies she shoots, making her a great spotter for coordinated team shots.

Mad Maggie's ultimate is Wrecking Ball. She throws a gadget that provides speed-boosting pads but also explodes near enemies. Overall, she will have great utility for repositioning, along the lines of Octane, but it's sprinkled with a bit of destruction.

The exact numbers tied to Maggie's abilities are still not revealed but players are already worried the passive might cause a major imbalance. Time will tell.

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