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Alien's Xenomorph and Ripley are coming to Fortnite

Published: 14:01, 25 February 2021
Fortnite artwork showing Xenomorph and Ripley
Fortnite - Xenomorph and Ripley

It looks like Fortnite is getting another crossover event. The leaked artwork reveals two iconic characters will be coming to Epic's battle royale - Ripley and Xenomorph from the Alien franchise.

Crossover events are a quite popular feature in Fortnite and no wonder Epic Games are regularly adding fresh content to the game. Previously, Fortnite hosted some major events, bringing Avengers, John Wick, Batman and many other franchises to the game.

Today, we have some news about the brand new, upcoming event, that will bring two iconic characters to Fortnite. The leaked artwork shows that Ellen Louise Ripley, the protagonist of the Alien film series and terrifying Xenomorph are coming very soon.

At the moment, the details about this event are pretty scarce. We only have the splash screen which shows both Xenomorph and Ripley with what appears to be a shotgun. 

Epic Games will probably officially announce the event in the coming days, potentially at tonight's PlayStation State of Play showcase. It certainly would not be the first time that some major Fornite news are revealed at Sony's event.

Epic Games Fortnite characters fighting Fortnite, Chapter 2 - Season 3 is business as usual!

All in all, the Alien crossover certainly looks interesting and we cannot wait to see what it actually brings to the table. It would be nice to get some additional stuff from the Alien franchise in addition to Ripley and Xenomorph and judging by previous crossovers, we doubt Epic Games will disappoint. 

Stay tuned and make sure you follow Epic's official social media channels for an announcement.

Thanks, Reddit.

Fortnite, Chapter 2: Season 3 by Epic Games

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