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11 bit studios to divert This War of Mine profits to Ukrainian Red Cross

Published: 21:51, 24 February 2022
11 bit studios
This War of Mine
This War of Mine

This War of Mine developers announced they would be helping out the victims in Ukraine through the donation of all the profits from the game in the next week.

This War of Mine is a title that focuses on the side of war rarely depicted in video games. It tells the story of the regular people's suffering as they try to survive the hellscape left in the wake of destruction from a merciless war and it is those people the devs are currently focusing on helping.

11 bit studios, the devs behind the game, announced that all the profits from purchasing This War of Mine and its DLC will be donated to Ukrainian Red Cross , which will, in turn, help the civilians who are suffering the destruction of their homes and neighbourhoods. Furthermore, This War of Mine and the DLC are discounted until  27 February, 2022, if you are looking to give this anti-war game a go.

On the flip side, there are fees that mean not all the money you spend on the game will equal profits for 11 bit studios, effectively reducing the amount donated. There is the option to donate to Ukrainian Red Cross directly if you want to avoid third parties.

Besides the line to donating to Ukrainian Red Cross, 11 bit studios made their stance on the war clear - they stand against the invasion of Ukraine and are hoping the gesture resonates with what people know about war.

They reiterated how war kills people, devastates their homes and lives and the studio called for devs and players to do what they can to help the victims in Ukraine.

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