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10F Widebody finally arrives to GTA Online in latest weekly update

Published: 02:21, 11 November 2022
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - 10F Widebody
GTA Online - 10F Widebody

Benny's just got richer and players waiting on the vehicle finally got served as GTA Online added 10F Widebody.

Rockstar Games took their sweet time with The Criminal Enterprises drip feed and we are only getting 10F Widebody four months after the update launched in GTA Online .

You will need $575,000 to convert the 10F into Widebody. If you don't have the base care, you will need a total of $2.15 million.

The weekly update made Rebla GTS the podium vehicle while the prize ride is Casco, which will require you to win a single Street or Pursuit Race four days in a row.

Luxury Autos has R88 and PR4 on display this week while Simeon's showroom has Ignus, Comet Safari, Kanjo, Komoda and Kanjo SJ.

Discounts this week include:

  • 50 per cent off
    • Diamond Casino heist setups
  • 40 per cent off
    • RC Tank
    • Sugoi
  • 35 per cent off
    • Drift Yosemite
    • Zhaba
  • 30 per cent off
    • Arcades
    • Casino Penthouses
    • Casino NVGs
    • Furia
    • V-STR
    • JB 700W
    • Komoda
    • Blista Kanjo
    • Retinue Mk II
  • 25 per cent off
    • PR4
    • R88

Rockstar Games GTA Online - Vigero ZX GTA Online - Vigero ZX

GTA$ and RP bonuses this week are:

  • X2
    • Merryweather Docks
    • Runners vs Snipers
    • Blood Forest
    • Wet and Wild RVI
    • Cabmaggedon
    • Musket Island
  • X1.5
    • Casino heist
    • Setups for Doomsday Heist

Prime Gaming subscribers get a one-time bonus of $500,000 on top of the regular weekly $125,000 if they log in before December 7, 2022.


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