GTA Online discounts and bonuses - Issi Classic Races paying out triple

Published: 10:04, 04 February 2021
GTA Online - podium vehicle - Enus Paragon R (Armored)
GTA Online - podium vehicle - Enus Paragon R (Armored)

GTA Online's Warstock Cache & Carry is offering a new vehicle this week. The Issi Classic Races are paying out triple and the podium car is the Enus Paragon R.

GTA Online is boasting some new content this week. On top of the recent background updates that, among other things, removed the one-shot-wonder Molotov cocktail and made the submarines of the world let out a sigh of relief.

The new vehicle at Warstock Cache & Carry is the Mammoth Squaddie. The SUV will cost the players GTA$ 1,130,000. 

GTA$ Bonus

50 per cent added GTA$ Bonus on:

  • Cayo Perico Heist Main Loot & Safe Cash
  • Setup Cost waived

3x GTA$ & RP

Issi Classic Races are now paying out triple GTA$ and RP.

Log in reward

Log in to GTA Online this week to unlock yourself an Enus Yeti Forwards Cap.

Diamond Casino and Resort podium vehicle

Lucky Wheel's grand prize of the week is the sleek Enus Paragon R (Armored).

GTA Online - Cayo Perico Heist GTA Online - Cayo Perico Heist


  • Ocelot Stromberg - GTA$ 2,229,745 / 1,676,500 (30 per cent off)
  • Pegassi Toreador - GTA$ 2,745,000 (25 per cent off)
  • Overflöd Entity XXR - GTA$ 1,613,500 (30 per cent off)
  • Weeny Issi Classic - GTA$ 216,000 / 162,000 (40 per cent off)

Prime Gaming Rewards

  • Free Kosatka Sonar Station
  • GTA$ - 200K
  • Tyrus - $765,000 (70 per cent off)
  • Annihilator Stealth - $2,515,500 - $1,886,625 (35 per cent off)
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