GTA Online: Is the hangar worth buying in 2022?

Published: 21:18, 10 March 2022
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Hangar interior
Hangar interior

There is a 40% discount off all hangars this week in GTA Online, so we explored whether owning hangars is still lucrative in March of 2022.

Hangars are one of many purchasable properties in Grand Theft Auto Online. They are huge aircraft storage facilities that can be customized with several additions, similar to Underground Bunkers, Motorcycle Clubhouses, and CEO Offices. 

The hangar office provides users access to Free Trade Shipping Co to run their smuggling business. (Smuggling missions that are paying out triple this week are Hangar missions)

The hangar is possibly the least popular GTA Online business among the community, mostly because the ratio of time invested/earned money isn't nearly as good as with other businesses. That, unfortunately, is rightly so, as the payout even in a triple reward week like this one is still as good as other businesses.

So if your only motivation is to buy the hangar for profits from smuggling missions, we would highly suggest looking into other businesses, most notably import/export which is the best choice for grinding players.

Smuggling missions are just not worth it especially for solo players as they take up a lot of time and are not that interesting. The sell missions scale up dramatically the more units you try to sell at once.

Fort Zancudo hangars are the most popular choice Fort Zancudo hangars are the most popular choice

However, if your only motivation isn't profit, and have loose cash on your hands, owning a hanger is worth it for its storage capability. The player can store both aircraft he buys, and some he finds in free roam.

Most Pegasus vehicles can be stored in a hangar. You can call the vehicles in, fly them into the hangar, and you can have two same vehicles - the one you bought and the one you flew in. This allows for better summoning via the interaction menu, customization, and you can have both out at the same time if you're playing with a friend who doesn't own any aircraft.

In addition to storing capability, hangars offer the possibility of customizing aircraft, which is very useful for weaponized vehicles.

If you need help in choosing which hangar to buy, we would recommend the hangars in Fort Zancudo. They offer the player unrestricted access to the base, so you can enter most parts of the Fort without alerting the army. 

For players who are strictly Los Santos based and want to have aircraft at their disposal close, then we would suggest LSA as the hangar location. 

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