Fallout 76's new Season is about to kick off with new allies, rewards and more

Published: 18:20, 06 December 2021
Fallout 76 - Season 7 "Zorbo's Revenge"
Fallout 76 - Season 7 "Zorbo's Revenge"

Fallout 76 is now doling out Season Six rank-up rewards before "Zorbo's Revenge" kicks off. There's a fresh Community Calendar also available: the holidays are closer than you think.

Fallout 76's Season Seven is just about to kick off when the Night of the Moth Update goes live on December 8. For now, though, we have a quick look at the "Zorbo's Revenge" Scoreboard and new rank-up rewards. There's also a Community Calendar good until March 2022.

Fallout 76 Season Seven - Zorbo's Revenge

Season One saw Captain Cosmos and Dr Zorbo locked in a race during "The Legendary Run". The good doctor lost and has been plotting his comeback ever since. The players will join forces with Zorbo, assemble a crew and become the architects of Captain Cosmos' demise.

New scoreboard and Season rewards

The latest Scoreboard has no less than 100 ranks for players to rise through, as well as a bunch of rewards to unlock. This includes items like themed Power Armor paints, weapon skins, outfits, new C.A.M.P. objects, in-game currencies, consumable items, Perk Card Packs, and more.

The West Virginia Slot Machine will give your visitors a chance to line their pockets with those sweet, sweet caps.

Season Seven also brings two new Allies into the fold: Xerxo and Katherine can be unlocked during your voyage among the stars. They are a bit different than what you're used to, as in they won't dole out quests but they will watch over your C.A.M.P. while you’re out adventuring, sell you any items they’ve scavenged, chat with you when you’re home, and grant you temporary buffs. 

Season Six rewards

Players who've adventured with the Unstoppables will do well to pay one more visit to the "Unstoppables vs. Diabolicals" Scoreboard and claim their rank-up rewards. Make sure you get the rewards before December 8 rolls around, or they'll be dusted by General Confusion.

Season Seven Community Calendar

Santatron is working overtime to wrap all the gifts and the Scorched have taken up stitching once again in preparation for the holiday season. Here you can find the full Fallout 76 Community Calendar.

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