Fallout 76 Thanksgiving weekend: Caps-A-Plenty, Scrip Surplus, and the Purveyor Sale

Published: 08:47, 23 November 2021
Screenshot of the Purveyor from Fallout 76
Fallout 76 - Purveyor

Fallout 76's Thanksgiving event will start on November 25. Caps-A-Plenty, Scrip Surplus, and the Purveyor Sale events will all be available for the weekend.

We're headed deep into the holiday season of 2021 which means fewer (if any) news about your favourite games, apart from deals and special autumn and winter-themed events.

Fallout 76's team is likewise headed for hibernation and pumpkin pie induced dreams of cosy sweaters and fragrant feasts. Before the team checks out completely, however, they planned a Thanksgiving weekend in Fallout 76 with Caps-A-Plenty, Scrip Surplus, and the Purveyor Sale events.

Fallout 76 Thanksgiving weekend 2021

Players will be busy cooking up grub, foraging for that special ingredient that really makes the other flavours really come into their own and finding the Perfectly Preserved Pie to top off the Thanksgiving dinner. 

Once the parade is done and the last crumbs of the pie get polished off the plates, players can dive into some season-appropriate in-game activities. These include Caps-A-Plenty, Scrip Surplus, and the Purveyor Sale events, all prepared to kick off on Thursday, November 25, at 17:00 GMT (12:00 p.m. ET). The festivities will end on Monday, November 29.

Bethesda Fallout 76 - Scrip Surplus event Fallout 76 - Scrip Surplus event

Players will be able to trade in their unwanted items for up to double the normal daily maximum of Caps during the Caps-A-Plenty event.

It Legendary Scrip is more your speed, legendary items can be exchanged for up to twice the usual daily amount of Scrip during the Scrip Surplus event.

Purveyor Murmrgh will be accepting your stacks of freshly minted Scrip and trading you legendary weapons and armour at 25 per cent off. Find her at the Rusty Pick in the Ash Heap.

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