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Valorant: Raze abilities detailed

Published: 17:38, 07 April 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Raze
Valorant - Raze

If you are watching Valorant streams hoping for beta access, you probably noticed the new face on the field. Raze is a demolitions expert that specialises in dealing damage and denying space by smoking enemies rather than areas.

Raze's name does not leave much to the imagination - she is there to blow things up and all four of her abilities dealing explosive damage testify to that.

Blast Pack (Q) functions much like C4 we've seen in many other games so far. Raze can stick it to a surface and manually trigger the detonation when she sees fit, damaging and knocking aside any enemies caught in the blast.

Paint Sheels (E) is a cluster grenade that Raze can chuck at her opponents. The grenade will dissolve into tiny ones, each of them exploding and dealing damage.

Boom Bot (C) is the signature ability. Players have already started calling it a Roomba as this is exactly what it looks like. The tiny robot will move in the direction chosen by the player and will bounce of any walls it hits. Boom Bot has a cone of vision and will lock onto any enemies that cross it. After that, the robot will chase them down and explode for massive damage, should it not be shot down beforehand.

Showstopper (X) lets Raze equip a rocket launcher. This ultimate ability deals a lot of damage but has only one charge so you better not whiff it. 

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Some players feel that Raze is overpowered in her current state in Valorant, probably stemming from her abilities being straightforward and letting her gain an edge over the opponents in a firefight. Keep in mind that she has less utility than pretty much any other agent as she cannot block vision at all and her only intel-gathering tool is the Roomba that is not exactly as reliable as Sova's wallhack or Sage's Slow Orb.

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