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Valorant patch changes Guardian and surrender rules

Published: 23:28, 07 July 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Guardian
Valorant - Guardian

Riot Games are altering the rules in Valorant as now it doesn't take an entire team to surrender a game and Guardian is an actual DMR that's not that good in close range.

Valorant has a variety of weapons, with some struggling to find their identity. The latest patch aims to fix that for Guardian, placing it firmly into the DMR class. It will now have the rate of fire standing at 4.5 as opposed to 6.5 which was previously the case. 

To compensate for the weapon's reduction in spraying potential, it will now have High penetration power instead of Medium. In other words, it will do well against all covers that can be penetrated.

Furthermore, Guardian will cost 2,500 credits, down from 2,700, which will make it a proper economic buy option where the sharpshooter can save some money while having a long-range weapon that is more versatile than Marshal. 

Surrender feature has been altered in unrated matches since it will require only 80 per cent of the team to agree to it in order to end a match. It pretty much means that one player can disagree and the surrender will still go through.

On top of that, AFK players who didn't spawn into a round will not be counted as voting participants. Surrender vote will behave as if the team was one player down in this case and if three out of four remaining teammates vote yes, they will forfeit the match.


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That's not the only vote the players will get though. Getting the score to 12-12 will kick off the new tiebreaker system where a team needs to be two rounds ahead in order to win. If it ends in a tie, players can vote to have draw or another two rounds and so on.

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