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Subnautica: Below Zero dev gives PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch update

Published: 19:12, 18 December 2019
Unknown Worlds
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Subnautica: Below Zero

Unknown Worlds Entertainment are still hard at work on Subnautica: Below Zero and they posted an update on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch plans and development. While they're hoping to make it for PC 1.0 release, it's too early to tell.

"We are planning to ship Below Zero on Xbox One and PS4. Our goal is to ship simultaneously with PC v1.0, but it’s probably too soon to know if that’s realistic. We have more work to do to make Below Zero as good as it can be before releasing it on any platform", wrote the expansion's project lead David Kalina.

The team say they learned a lot from the process of porting Subnautica to consoles, where they were helped by Panic Button and Grip Games, but they've been gradually moving the process in-house.  Getting Below Zero to run great on everything has always been a priority, but there's more news in this department. 

Namely, in-house work on Subnautica: Below Zero means that Unkown Worlds will be improving the technical infrastructure on both the base game and the expansion. "We'll be shipping updates to Subnautica on Xbox and PS4 as part of this process", he noted. 

Subnautica: Below Zero's last Deep Dive update traditionally brought a bunch of new things to be excited for, like the gorgeous Crystal Caverns and the mysterious Precursor structures hiding within. Oh and there's the new and equally as mysterious Shadow Leviathan, or if you prefer smaller things that are trying to eat you, how about the Purple Vents-dwelling Hidden Croc. 

Unknown Worlds also dropped big news recently when they revealed that Subnautica: Below Zero is getting a completely new story next year, as community feedback and internal discussion showed that their ambition got them a bit stuck. They're quite excited over the new direction, though, which naturally makes us excited as well. 

You can find the console announcement , or learn more about the story changes .

Subnautica: Below Zero by Unknown Worlds Entertainment

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