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Sony removing big PlayStation 4 feature ahead of the new update

Published: 07:18, 07 October 2019
Updated: 07:19, 07 October 2019
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PlayStation 4 players will be without Facebook support on their consoles from now on as Sony decided to remove the feature ahead of the huge 7.00 firmware update.

PlayStation 4 is set for another firmware update and 7.0 patch is set to introduce a ton of new useful additions, including an HDR calibration tool, which will help players tweak the HDR to their taste. This is especially useful for games that have poor HDR implementation so a bit of tweaking could potentially improve the effect.

Anyway, the 7.0 update is also removing one big feature according to a Reddit post. Apparently, Sony are ditching Facebook support on PlayStation 4 ahead of the update. In , a PlayStation user was unable to access his Facebook account from PlayStation. He contacted the support and got a reply saying that PlayStation Network will no longer support Facebook starting today - 07 October 2019.

This is yet to be officially announced by Sony, but at the time of writing, we were unable to access Facebook on PlayStation Network, which confirms Sony's plans. It's unclear whether this is just a regional change or Facebook will be unavailable to all users. We'll just have to wait for the official announcement to see what exactly is the reason behind the decision.

It's possible that Facebook is being removed as part of the changes which are coming with the firmware update 7.0. The update is scheduled to arrive sometime later this month. Along with the already mentioned HDR calibration tool, the firmware update will add several other features such as increased party size to 16 players.

Furthermore, there are improvements to voice chat quality, to help with the cross-platform multiplayer and more. 

Sony PlayStation 4 with a DualShock 4 on top. PlayStation 4

Some players already have access to PlayStation firmware update 7.0 trough beta invite and according to their experiences, these are some neat and useful changes that many will certainly appreciate.

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