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Pokemon Sword and Shield will turn Weezing into a bong

Published: 15:12, 08 August 2019
Game Freak
Picture of Galarian Weezing in Pokemon Sword & Shield
Pokemon Sword & Shield - Weezing

Game Freak probably intended to make the Galarian version of Weezing look like it has a chimney / top hat hybrid and maybe raise global warming awareness but their Pokemon Sword & Shield creation backfired since everyone sees a bong.

Game Freak and Nintendo recently unveiled more new content that players will be able to enjoy in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, including new rivals and Galarian versions of already known Pokemon.

One of them turned out to be Weezing who was redesigned with chimneys, top hats and facial hair made of smoke in mind but many fans saw something completely different - a bong. For those unaware, a bong is a filtration device used for huffing and puffing some legal substances such as tobacco and some less so.

You can see the unfortunate results on the picture above and the by fans who figured it out, on the links provided on each word separately.

One would think this would cause Nintendo and Pokemon Company issues with certain boards and even parents of the children Pokemon franchise is usually aimed at but the team behind the Galarian Weezing seems to have thought about that as well.

According to Galarian Weezing's , it relies on poisonous gases to sustain itself, consuming them in the process. Therefore, it emits clean air through the chimneys so no one could really get high off of this supposed Bongemon.

While Weezing caught most of the attention, it wasn't the only thing announced in the trailer above. There is also the Galarian version of Zigzagoon and its evolutions as well as Morpeko in Fully Belly and Hangry modes.

Nintendo Picture of a bunch of announcements for Pokemon Sword & Shield Pokemon Sword & Shield - the non-bong announcements

Bede and Marnie will be new rivals with the latter having some sort of a cult following, calling themselves Team Yell. They seem to be a comedic relief and basically fans of Marnie.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are coming on 15 November 2019.

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