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Two iconic League of Legends players meet as inSec joins xPeke's team Origen

Published: 11:13, 02 April 2018
Profile picture of InSec advertising his transfer to Origen.
Leauge of Legends - InSec

Former LCK and LPL star is joining Origen for the upcoming European Masters tournament which consists of the best team in Europe's minor leagues. This is the first time out of All-Stars matches that two iconic players meet in the same team.

Origen is a team and organisation owned and captained by the former pro player Enrique Cedeño, better known in the League of Legends community as xPeke. He is one of the few players that pulled an iconic move that was later named after them. In xPeke's case, it is of course the backdoor against SK Gaming back in 2013 IEM Katowice. Following that clutch play, League of Legends community started simply calling every tide-turning backdoor ''xPeke''.

He is now joined by InSec, who repeatedly demonstrated his superior mechanics with Lee Sin in previous seasons. He managed to jump in behind so many carries and kick them into his team that the manoeuvre was eventually named after him - the famous ''inSec kick''.

YouTube Ocelote is crying after his loss in SK vs Fnatic game during IEM Katowice 2013. League of Legends - SK Gaming's captain, Ocelote, was openly shedding tears after xPeke's backdoor.

After his success with Fnatic for several years, xPeke founded his own team in December 2014, named Origen. The team went on to compete for three years until the they disbanded in 2017. According to the team's Twitter, they are now back in ''team builder mode'', with xPeke returning to professional scene as a midlaner. 

inSec joined Origen on 31 March 2018, marking the first time that any team includes two players who had moves and manoeuvres named after them. Their prime may be behind them, but having both the inSec kick and xPeke backdoor in your team is a great marketing strategy, as these names are so popular that even the League of Legends players who didn't play back in 2013-2014 know them.

Riot Games A blind Shaolin monk is showing his kicking abilities as well as his six pack and pecs. League of Legends

There is another player with a move named after him at the moment - MadLife. He popularised the the Thresh and Blitzcrank hook predictions on professional scene so much that they eventually took up his name. These are now known as ''MadLife hooks''. His last team was Gold Coin United, after which he didn't compete professionally. It will be interesting to see if Origen will up the ante and add a third iconic player to their roster.


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