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GTA Trilogy Remastered found in Rockstar Games Launcher files

Published: 16:49, 05 October 2021
screenshot showing GTA Trilogy Remastered
GTA Trilogy Remastered could include GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas

It looks like GTA Trilogy Remastered is real after all. Data miners have found lines of code in the Rockstar Games launcher, that confirm the existence of these titles.

Earlier this year, we got reports claiming that rockstar are currently working on a Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Remastered project, which would include GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas with fancy new visuals and other improvements. 

According to the report, the games would be remastered in Unreal Engine 4 featuring a mix between new and old visuals, similar to the art style that we see in those GTA mods with wet streets. 

Today, it seems that we got solid proof that these remasters are indeed real and could be coming very soon. GTA data miners have managed to find GTA Trilogy Remastered in the code of Rockstar Games Launcher, which has been updated today.

The code includes GTA III, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas just like the reports suggested and all three are marked with an "Unreal" tag, which pretty much gives us a confirmation that the games are indeed remade in Unreal Engine 4. Furthermore, all three games also got their respective icons in this update as per the data mined files. 

There are no additional details about the GTA Trilogy Remastered as it seems that this is the only bit of info that was found in the most recent update of Rockstar Games Launcher.

As you may know, Rockstar are yet to publicly acknowledge that such a project even exists, so until they do, take everything with a dose of scepticism. 


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