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Huge Battlefield V data mine reveals new Firestorm details

Published: 15:49, 07 March 2019
A large ring of fire from Battlefield V's battle royale mode FIrestorm
Battlefield V, Firestorm

Reddit user temporyal revealed a massive list of Battlefield V Firestorm details, which he data mined from the game's files. The battle royale mode will include solos, duos and squads, classes selection screen, helicopters and tractors.

Battlefield V's battle royale mode Firestorm is inching closer with every day and the latest data mine from Reddit user temporyal revealed a massive list of features that players can expect once EA and DICE finally launch their new game mode.

Redditor claims that everything he shared in his post is hard data present in Battlefield V client and he even revealed Firestorm code snippets as proof.

Even though DICE previously said that Firestorm is created for squads, the data mined files show that solos and duos are also included and the maximum number of players is still 64.

Another interesting detail is the addition of classes. Apparently, players will get to pick their class before every match which is similar to Apex Legend's hero selection. 

Firestorm will take place in Norway, but it's unknown if DICE will rework some of the existing maps or create a new one, specifically for the new mode. Just like in other battle royale games, players will parachute from an aeroplane with a hud that shows an altimeter during the free fall.

Gameplay details reveal that players shot by the enemy will enter "downed state" in which they will be able to crawl but not fight, again a system seen in other battle royales.

Inventory is also included and loot will have four types of rarity. At the moment, these are named as a rarity one, two, three and four but DICE will probably change these to more common names.

The map will feature safes that can be cracked open but the list doesn't mention if these safes will offer the best loot. Resupply points and various dynamic objectives can also be found on the map.

Weapons will have specialisations and four tiers or rarity while armour can be found in a "special plate" version, which could be the strongest armour vest in the game. As for the vehicles, the list shows fuel as a resource, meaning that vehicle use will be limited.

EA picture showing a ww2 soldier Battlefield V

Firestorm is scheduled to release sometime in Spring 2019 and some recent hints by DICE even suggest that 28 March 2019 could be the release date for the new mode.

For a detailed list of Firestorm features, you can check .

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