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Dota 2 Team Liquid loses its roster

Published: 20:42, 16 September 2019
Dota 2 - Former Team Liquid squad
Dota 2 - Former Team Liquid squad

Team Liquid's Dota 2 roster has left the organisation, following the extremely successful season where the finished as runners up of The International 2019. Now they are striking out on their own.

Team Liquid saw success in various forms as they signed their roster from late 2015 onwards. They were in the top of Dota 2 world ever since The International 2017 where they took the #1 spot and have finished in top five in the same tournament every year since then.

The International 2019 was also a rather successful journey for the team as they landed the #2 spot in the tournament with the biggest esports prize to date. Following years of success, the players have decided they could go for something more.

That's not to say the team itself will disband nor that Team Liquid organisation will give up on Dota 2. The players are aiming to make a new organisation themselves but it still remains to be seen which banner they will choose for the upcoming competitions in 2020.

Likewise, Team Liquid are looking for new players but they can't promise the fans that the organisation will remain in the top for the time being as new beginnings don't usually end up with teams scoring jackpots when picking new players. It took years of work to get to that The International 2017 title, after all, and will probably take a few years to build the success again.

Nazgul released an open letter in post on Team Liquid's site, stating that the TL first picked up a Dota 2 team in 2012 and is not going anywhere.

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The statement was also filled with praise for all players that participated in TI9 under Team Liquid's banner, with Nazgul expressing his confidence in Kuro's leadership, believing that if anyone can keep the team's successes rolling in, that's him.

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