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Doom Eternal's Denuvo anti-cheat is being detected as malware

Published: 08:19, 18 May 2020
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Doom Eternal

Antivirus program Kaspersky is now flagging Denuvo's anti-cheat in Doom Eternal as malware. The program reports suspicious activities with characteristics of malware and recommends disinfections.

Just when you think Bethesda are back on track thanks to id Software's critically acclaimed Doom Eternal, the publisher come up with a brilliant idea to introduce Denuvo anti-cheat system. Shortly after the update introduced the controversial anti-cheat, players started to report various issues with the game's performance. 

Constant and massive stuttering, screen tearing and issues with displays locking to 60Hz are just some of the problems that started to surface.

On top of this, Denuvo's anti-cheat system is now being detected by anti-virus programs as malware. As you can see in the screenshot below, renowned and popular antivirus program Kaspersky Total Security has picked up Denuvo anti-cheat as a malicious application, performing a suspicious activity with characteristics of malware. 

The flagged file is Denuvo anti-cheat installer and Kaspersky recommends disinfection with a full reboot. Denuvo anti-cheat is kernel-based monitoring software which can scan your system, seeking for cheating or hacking tools while you game. 

Reddit screenshot showing Kaspersky picking up Denuvo anti cheat as malware Kaspersky is picking up Denuvo anti cheat as malware

Many players feel that such software is completely unacceptable and have been voicing their discontent loud and clear. "We are talking about a game that wants kernel-level privileges to spy on your system while you game," one Reddit user wrote.

However, the biggest criticism is still being directed at Bethesda simply for putting such protection in a predominantly single-player game while game-breaking performance is another complaint.

Bethesda and Denuvo claim that players who experience poor game performance can simply uninstall the program but players report that every time they remove it, the Denuvo anti-cheat tries to install again and when rejected, the game simply won't start.

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