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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will cover several eras

Published: 15:24, 01 February 2017
Star Wars: Battlefront - Free domestic canary

A chance to blast Jar Jar in the face, repeatedly?

What DICE's Star Wars: Battlefront lacked compared to its Pandemic predecesor was more of a single player game and the ability to blast Gungans with heavy weapons.

EA seems to have to these shortcomings and that the upcoming Battlefront 2 will span several Star Wars eras and feature more single player focused content.

Personally I'd enjoy seeing more of a mash up of Star Wars eras. How about Ewoks at the Geonosian spire or Gungans in the carbon freezing chamber?

YouTube Or how about Darth Sion force choking Rey? Or how about Darth Sion force choking Rey?

We will most likely find out more about the game and get a proper release date during EA's in a few months, but a late 2018 release is the most likely scenario.

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