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Another 3707 Valorant cheater accounts banned, some spent $500 on MTX

Published: 20:19, 04 July 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Phoenix and Brimstone
Valorant - Phoenix and Brimstone

Riot Vanguard has dished out another wave of hardware ID bans in Valorant which was followed by a torrent of screenshots of cheaters crying, some of whom apparently spend hundreds of dollars on the game.

Riot Games' intrusive anti-cheat keeps proving its effectiveness, week after week. This time around, Vanguard has detected and banned 3,707 cheater accounts and its official account announced that the players who reported the cheaters will receive notifications that their reports helped in weeding them out.

The anti-cheat wizard, Philip Koskinas, chimed in to provide the exact number of banned cheaters , to which he got an odd reply that implied Valorant's player base is low because the number of cheaters was somewhat low. While it's easy to assume this is a salty cheater that got banned, there is currently no evidence to support the assumption but the comment's logic doesn't hold up regardless.

As is the custom by now, the announcement of the ban wave was followed by a tweet from Anti-Cheat Police Department who provided a set of screenshots that display the cheaters' woes.

It appears that some bright minds chose to cheat while playing on their main accounts and two of them reported losing $200 and $500 worth of in-game cosmetics. Riot's modus operandi is not entirely revealed so it's also possible that the accounts got banned after logging without cheats but on a rig that was subsequently HWID banned.

Vanguard seems to be extremely successful in ridding Valorant of cheaters so far but there are still concerns about its level of access and potential vulnerability that it could cause to your players' systems.

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