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Roles can award you a free horse in Red Dead Online this week

Published: 02:08, 04 November 2020
Take-Two Interactive
Red Dead Online, Improved Bow Variant - Jaguar
Red Dead Online, Improved Bow Variant - Jaguar

Rockstar are improving the life of traders and moonshiners in Red Dead Online this week but all roles will benefit from a free horse, provided they are low enough overall rank.

Red Dead Online is often seen as a collection of chores to be done through challenges and role missions in order to purchase better gear and horses. It is the latter that will be awarded for no extra cost between November 3 and 10, 2020. The hitch is that you need to level a role above Rank 5 but your overall Rank has to be under 40.

If you are looking to expand your menagerie, horse stalls will be at 30 per cent discount for the duration of this week. Moonshiners and traders are getting extra pampering as the former will get a free mash refill and the latter will gain 25 goods that can be sold, provided you don't get ganked. Furthermore, completing a sale in any of these two roles will award a treasure map. 

There are plenty of apparel items being added to the store as well:

  1. Tasman Outfit
  2. Benbow Jacket
  3. Squat Stovepipe Hat
  4. Morning Tail Coat
  5. Plaid Cap
  6. Gator Hat
  7. Manteca Hat
  8. Gardenia Hat
  9. Tied Pants
  10. Carved Pants
  11. Hitched Skirt
  12. Woodland Gloves
  13. Ortega Vest
  14. Strickland Boots
  15. Danube Outfit
  16. Calhoun Boots

These items will be available for a limited time.

Take-Two Interactive Red Dead Online, Banded Coat Red Dead Online

Twitch Prime subscribers who linked their Rockstar account will be eligible for a bunch of other discounts that have been around for a while and you probably know them by now. If not, you can check out Rockstar's page for more info on them.

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