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Microsoft say Windows 11 is the best OS for gaming ever

Published: 15:57, 31 August 2021
Windows 11
Windows 11 is the best Windows ever for gaming according to Microsoft

Microsoft have confirmed the release date for Windows 11 for October 11. The company also dropped a new trailer, showcasing some of the gaming features that the new OS will include.

Windows 11 is officially launching on October 11, 2021, Microsoft announced. The new operating system (OS) should bring a wide variety of improvements as well as visual change with a more sophisticated and minimalistic UI design.

However, gamers are probably wondering what's in store for them. Well, Microsoft promise some improvements and features but it doesn't seem like we're getting a major overhaul of the Xbox app or Microsoft Store. 

Despite this, Microsoft confidently call the new OS "the best Windows ever for gaming", which is quite the statement. They've listed all the additions in the video, which we embedded above. The new features include Auto HDR, DirectStorage and full Xbox Game Pass / xCloud integration. 

We are yet to see these features in action so don't get all excited just yet. We really, really hope to see some sort of overhaul of the Xbox app on Windows, which has been nothing but a bad experience for us, especially if you have Xbox Game Pass subscription activated. 

Occasionally, the app would ask you to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass to play a certain Game Pass title, even if you're currently subscribed to the service. There are other issues too but we're hopeful that Microsoft have plans for a much better Xbox app on Windows 11.

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