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God of War is getting a new game plus mode after fan requests

Published: 20:07, 12 June 2018
Kratos is going nuts as he is demolishing enemies around him
God of War

While some companies are keen on catering to political correctness, SIE Santa Monica are more focused on catering to the actual God of War players. They have recently announced the New Game+ mode which was a popular request from players.

Fans are regarding God of War as the second coming and Sony have announced second coming+ during their PlayStation E3 showcase. Well, technically it will be New Game+ , the sort-of-but-not-really-replay system that was present and popular in action RPGs for years.

SIE Santa Monica apparently had no intention of introducing this feature originally but it was the most requested one since God of War's release. The developers listened and started to work on it, announcing New Game+ on 12 June 2018, less than two months after release.

The mode will let players start a new game with all of the upgrades and learned abilities from their previous playthrough. The enemies will also grow more powerful so they present some challenge instead of being just one-hit kills.

According to a , the feature will come in the shape of a regular patch, and not as paid DLC. I do have to praise Sony for not using any hyperboles and advertising themselves as the saviours of gaming industry with claims such as "God of War New Game+ will be available as FREE DLC PACK". They simply said they "will be making it available via a patch at a later date".

New Game+ is currently in development, and unfortunately there is no set release date or window. On the bright side, the blog contains some early screenshots that show what we can expect when the patch actually lands. For example, shiny armours and fully upgraded Leviathan in the first boss fight.

Sony Kratos is fighting the Stranger in his pimping new armour God of War - Valkyrie armour in the first boss fight

Other than that, there were no announcements about potential God of War DLC but not many expected them either, as Cory Barlog has previously stated that he would rather work on and sell another complete game instead.

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