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2K Games reveal NBA 2K22 Seasons roadmap

Published: 17:54, 24 August 2021
NBA 2K22 Seasons roadmap
NBA 2K22 Seasons roadmap

From October 2021 to August 2022, NBA 2K22 will feature nine seasons with new seasonal awards, new challenges, music and apparel.

Last year's iteration of 2K Games' basketball simulation NBA 2K introduced Seasons, a new way to level up and earn stuff within MyTeam.

With the upcoming NBA 2K22, 2K Games will be expanding the Seasons feature, allowing players to access new content whether they play MyCareer, MyTeam or The W Online.

The publisher state that everyone will be able to earn rewards simply for playing the game at no additional costs.

Leveling up will give players more rewards, which are refreshed every six weeks at the start of a new season. All year long, seasons will offer fresh new content.

Starting October 2021, when NBA 2K22 launches and all the way up to August 2022, a total of nine seasons will introduce fresh items and content.

Season One will introduce "Assists against Dirk & Luka" while in My Career, you'll get to unleash go-karts in the City and Neighborhood as the Grand Prize. 

Go-karts will become available once you've reached Level 40. In addition, inline skates can be used as a mode of transportation once you crack Level 30.

Some would argue that focusing on the actual basketball part of this basketball sim would be a smart idea but it looks like 2K Games are pushing the boundaries here with these new features. 

Jokes aside, you can learn more about NBA 2K22 Seasons on the  PlayStation blog.

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