Simeon not calling you in GTA Online? Here's how to fix it and purchase property

Published: 05:02, 23 December 2021
Updated: 05:03, 23 December 2021
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That pesky car dealer in GTA Online can sometimes bug out and prevent you from purchasing property, here are a few surefire ways to get him fixed.

When GTA Online doesn't work properly, it can completely block your progress. One such occasion happens right at the beginning of your multiplayer adventures in Los Santos. Before you can even purchase any property even.

In order to be able to buy any real estate, starting from things as basic as a garage over a high-end apartment for the heists to bunkers and other business opportunities, you need to satisfy two conditions:

  1. Reach Rank 5
  2. Get a call from Simeon Yetarian

It would all be good, and most of the time it is, except Simeon sometimes refuses to call you and blocks your chances of progressing the game. When this happens, there are two solutions that have fixed the issue every time, to our knowledge.

The first solution is to simply walk to a store, which will be marked on your map by now. There are 20 on the map so it shouldn't be a long drive to the nearest one. Simply buy some snacks and walk out of the building, without robbing it. You should get the phone call as you leave the premises.

If that one doesn't work, you will need to get a new session. Whenever this issue happened to us, we would simply switch to one of the singleplayer characters, leaving GTA Online temporarily. Following that step, open the menu and navigate to the Online tab, do not switch to your online character the way you did to Lester, Michael or Franklin.

Once you're in the Online tab, click Play Online and then choose the option to go to an Invite-Only session. It will load faster and it won't have any free roam events or business battles, both of which are known to interfere with Simeon's call.

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Not long after you load into the Invite-Only session, you should get a call and from that point on, you can purchase property and on your merry way.

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