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Sony's new Dualshock patent to help blind or visually impaired gamers

Published: 09:54, 30 March 2020
photo showing a close up of black dualshock controller
Dualshock controller

Sony are working on a brand new feature named Dualshock Tactile Device, possibly for Dualshock 5 controller, that would help blind or visually impaired gamers. The feature would be similar to Xbox Adaptive controller.

Sony's next-generation console PlayStation 5 is coming later this year and as expected, it will pack an improved Dualshock controller. Unfortunately, the company are yet to fully reveal all of the new features in the next Dualshock but thanks to various patents that have been appearing online, we have some hints about these features.

The latest patent, which has been published recently reveals that Sony are working on an accessibility feature for blind or visually impaired gamers. In the patent description, it is written that the system includes a portable device, a handheld games controller and a tactile pad with touch elements. Here is the description in full:

"A system includes a portable device for providing tactile feedback to a user, and a handheld games controller, a tactile pad including a plurality of touch elements for generating a respective tactile output, and a processor configured to receive the text information and to control the tactile output of at least some of the touch elements based on the received text information; the handheld games controller including a touch-sensitive surface; and where the portable device is positioned over the touch-sensitive surface, and pressure applied by a user onto the portable device is relayed to the touch-sensitive surface of the handheld games controller."

SegmentNext artwork showing Dualshock patent Dualshock patent

As you can see, this device would basically replace the controller's existing touchpad. It would allow users to apply pressure on the surface to access information from the game and more.

It sounds pretty great to be fair and it is really nice to see that Sony are looking to implement more accessibility features so everyone can enjoy their favourite games. However, we will have to wait a bit more to see if this new feature officially arrives with the new Dualshock 5.

Sony artwork showing dualshock 2 controller for ps4 Dualshock 2

Thanks, SegmentNext.

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