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Rumour: GTA VI to be called GTA Vice?

Published: 09:37, 12 March 2020
Updated: 10:02, 12 March 2020
artwork showing GTA Vice logo by Altchar
GTA Vice logo by Altchar

GTAForums user gonnaenodaethat has once again teased the next Grand Theft Auto game with new cryptic messages. By the looks of it, the new game could be named GTA Vice, which correlates with earlier leaks and rumours.

Last week, a reliable GTAForums leaker named onnaenodaethat started posting cryptic messages all over the GTAForums , which usually means some big news are coming from Rockstar Games. The leaker posted similar messages several weeks before the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 and also a month before Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC.

Many forum users suggest that Rockstar Games could announce the next Grand Theft Auto game pretty soon and the latest cryptic messages from onnaenodaethat have fueled the speculation even further. The leaker has posted the following message on GTAForums:

"GTA VI logo appears

Then a door shuts inwards oan thi right whae the letters CE written oan it spelling oot:


Then thi boy whae the husky voice goes:

Aw aboot thi trafficking

Aw aboot thi shagging"

To some, this will sound utterly ridiculous and that is totally sensible thought but onnaenodaethat is a reliable leaker like we have mentioned before. GTAForums' mods are known for their strict ban policy if they smell fake leaks or details - they delete the posts or even the whole threads instantly.

YouTube GTA: Vice City screenshot showing a man on a motorbike GTA: Vice City with mods

As for the new cryptic messages, not only that the mods did not delete the posts, they even pinned some of them, which tells a lot. Interestingly, it looks like onnaenodaethat is from Scotland, meaning that he could have some info from Rockstar North, a studio set in Edinburg, Scotland. 

All in all, you should take these messages with a grain of salt just like any other rumour or unconfirmed info despite the leakers' credibility. That being said, the latest posts certainly make sense given the earlier rumours about GTA VI, which revealed Miami and Colombia as the new setting for the game. 

On top of this, GTA VI is apparently inspired by Netflix's TV series Narcos and will follow the story of "a low-level gangster" who is climbing up the food chain, trying to become a drug lord.

Hopefully, we'll soon find out whether these rumours are true or not.

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