Red Dead Online this week: spooky game modes and double rewards incoming

Published: 15:27, 26 October 2021
Red Dead Online - Halloween week 2021
Red Dead Online - Halloween week 2021

Red Ded Online players can browse Madam Nazar’s establishment and shop some creepy masks. Two season-appropriate game modes will also be live this week and offer double rewards.

Nights are getting colder in the Wild West, as the All Hallows’ Eve draws near and threatens to bestow riches on players who dare to venture into the seasonal All Hallows’ Call to Arms modes. There are also some seasonal discounts as well as a themed game mode: Dead of Night.

Double RDO$, Gold and XP

Armadillo, Butcher Creek, Shady Belle, and Bolger Glade are all under attack and the heroes who engage in the seasonal All Hallows’ Call to Arms and come to the freeholds' aid will be rewarded with double the usual RDO$, Gold, and XP.

The rewards are tempting but remember that you will have to deal with alligators and cougars hungry for your flesh, as well as a ghost train haunting Armadillo. Those who survive to the tenth wave of any All Hallows’ Call to Arms mode will walk away with 2,000 Club XP to redeem on the Halloween Pass 2.

Double Gold, RDO$, and XP also apply to the week's featured series: Dead of Night. The very appropriate game mode will see four teams racking up their own kill counts against a never-ending torrent of The Dead. Complete any Dead of Night mode and you will be rewarded with a free Ability Card of your choosing.

Both All Hallows’ Call to Arms and Dead of Night game modes feature a Night Stalker Mask. The macabre item allows the simple cowboy (or girl) to access supernatural powers.

Tricks and Treats

Visit Madam Nazar’s store and pick up the mask that best suits your Halloween persona. On offer this year are the Slaughter Mask, Creature Mask, Horror Mask, Swine Mask, Freak Mask, and Masquerade Mask - all available for a limited time. 

Red Dead Online - Halloween 2021 masks

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
RDO - Creature Mask

Don't forget to check your inventory for a treat of 10 Snowberger Candies and 5 Chocolate Bars - good for sustenance in between fights or on a long trip.

The Halloween Pass 2

The Halloween Pass 2 will be available for purchase on October 28. The limited-time parcel comes packing some grim and gruesome rewards spread across 15 ranks. These include more masks, stained clothes and various spooky accessories.

Players who purchased all four instalments of The Quick Draw Club will receive a Reward to get the Halloween Pass 2 for free. This week, all players who own the Halloween Pass 2 will be rewarded with a free Stable Slot and a select Shirt (up to Rank 15).

  • All Role Outfits - 35 per cent off
  • Gun Belts - 40 per cent off
  • Barbers are offering 50 per cent off all Haircuts, Dentistry, and Makeup
  • The Bandit Mask - 5 Gold
  • All Norfolk Roadster Horses - 30 per cent off
  • Melee Weapons - 40 per cent off
  • Everything at Gus' Store - 30 per cent off
  • All Emotes - 30 per cent off
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