League of Legends patch 10.7 top lane champion tier list

Published: 21:38, 26 March 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends champion Darius Dunkmaster skin
Champions like Darius could become a little less oppressive in lane

With all the new things announced for the next patch, there will be some changes in the top lane. Parameters like the current state of the meta, new changes, win rates, item build paths, and many more factors were taken there in into account in making this list.

Riot Games' lead gameplay designer, Mark Yetter has released the intended changes for the next week's 10.7 patch. There will be some significant changes and we have prepared a list of the best champions you should have the most success in the top lane.

Darius - S tier

Darius is the strongest champion right now because his lane presence is simply too much to handle for most top laners at the moment. With Teleport getting its cooldown increased in the early game, killing your opponent or simply forcing them to base will feel much more rewarding now. Also, the new buff to Phase Rush will increase his performance against all the obnoxious ranged match-ups he sometimes struggles with.

Wukong - S tier

Wukong will receive some additional nerfs in the next patch but he will still remain in the S tier for top lane. With the new clone mechanics, he has incredible dueling power in the early game. His ultimate being able to knock up twice in addition to the incredible sustain - Wukong's team fight potential is one of the strongest if not the strongest at the moment. Luckily for him, even if Blade of the Ruined King gets nerfed, it most likely won't be completely reverted to its pre 10.5 version.

Riot Games League of Legends - Wukong Wukong nerfs... again.

Aatrox - A tier

He hasn't been touched throughout a big number of patches and his current place in the top lane is pretty good at the moment. Aatrox doesn't have any clear counters which makes him a pretty safe blind pick. His kit is stacked with constant CC and great sustain. Once you finish your first item, there aren't many top laners that can outduel him in a straight 1v1.

Maokai - A tier

Risen from the depths of elo hell, Maokai has finally become a viable pick in the top lane. His kit is pretty straightforward and easy to execute once you play a couple of games. He is probably the most reliable tank at the moment with his point and click CC in addition to the incredible sustain he has in the team fights. If you play top lane as an off-role, Maokai is a pretty safe pick for you.

Sett - A tier

Sett has been a top priority pick since he came out earlier this year. He has one of the best engagement tools right now, provided that you properly execute your Show Stopper (R) -  Facebreaker (E) combo. Apart from ADC, he can basically be played in any other role which makes him a good potential flex pick in the draft. If you properly land your Haymaker (W) on the enemy backline - the team fight is over.

Riot Games League of Legends - Sett Dominate the top lane like The Boss

Fiora - A tier

Fiora also benefited from the recent buffs to BotRK as it has now become one of her core items. She has always been on the skill side of most match-ups. She does well against champions with telegraphed CC, such as Irelia, Sylas or Cho'Gath. She's a much stronger 1v1 duelist than a team fight champion so opting for a split push strategy would be the right choice but you have to make sure that your team is on point. 

Jax - B tier

Jax's win rates took a huge hit after the Spear of Shojin removal but the new changes to Death's Dance have brought him back to life. Contrary to popular belief, Jax isn't the easiest champion to play since you have to know how each of the match-ups function. This is very important in the earlier stages of the game when you have to carefully choose your fights.

Nasus - B tier

Nasus will get some big buffs in 10.7 which will enable him to do even better against tanks. He's one of the best picks in low elo since your early game weakness and lack of mobility don't get exploited as much when compared to Platinum and above. All you have to do is not die early on, gather as many stacks as you can, and you will eventually outscale any other champion in the game.

Riot Games League of Legends champion Nasus Eternal skin Nasus could shake up the top lane meta

Garen - B tier

Garen's intended nerfs pushed him further down on this list, and rightly so. One of the easiest skill ceilings in addition to the abnormal damage he can produce, especially in the mid-game, skyrocketed his win rate after the buffs two patches ago. Nerfing his overall sustain and chase potential on his Decisive Strike (Q) will probably land him in the 50 per cent win rate pool. 

Ornn - B tier

After the recent nerfs to his passive, Ornn dropped both in win rate and popularity top lane. Nevertheless, he's still of the strongest champions on the top lane. His strong lane presence paired with great initiation potential and crowd control can hardly be matched. The unique ability to upgrade his allies' items and therefore improve the team's overall scaling is the main reason Ornn found himself on this list.

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