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League of Legends: new champion Yone all but confirmed?

Published: 14:21, 08 March 2020
Updated: 15:49, 09 March 2020
Riot Games
Image from the game Legends of Runeterra featuring Yone
Yone's image on one of the Legends of Runeterra cards

League of Legends fans continue to speculate on the new champions to be released this year. Riot Games teased us with some clues in their dev video at the start of the year. A recent tweet from a popular streamer seems to shed even more light on who the new champion could be.

Riot Games confirmed that they are releasing three new champions in 2020. With the introduction of Sett at the start of the year, there are now two champions left to be released this year.

In a recent dev video , Riot Games Champion Producer Ryan "Reav3" Mireles mentioned two generals that will be part of an event this summer, one of whom will be returning from the dead.

Many League of Legends fans were speculating as to who this champion might be and a big majority agreed that according to all the hint given in the video, it's probably Yone, an Ionian samurai. Yone is mentioned in the lore as Yasuo's older brother who was unfortunately killed by his younger sibling after tracking him down to avenge his so-called betrayal.

The last hint we got is a tweet released by a streamer named Macaiyla, where she claimed that she has already played the new champion at the Riot HQ and that weebs will be very pleased with Riot on this one. We all know that the general public considers "weebs" to be into Japanese samurai-like stuff so this could potentially be yet another indicator that Riot Games are finally releasing the dead samurai. Or is he really dead?

Namely, further on in the video, Reav3 states that the champion "refuses to die". This wouldn't be the first time that Riot released a somewhat dead character since one of their recent additions, Senna, had her soul trapped in Thresh's lantern before finally making her escape.

Riot Games Screenshot from a Youtube video Riot Games released The red katana in the dev video is another clue

The last Ionian character Riot made was Kayn, introduced almost three years ago. Yone would be the 19th character coming from this beloved region, should he indeed be the champion in question.

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