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GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprises list of cars leaks ahead of release

Published: 06:58, 26 July 2022
Rockstar Games
GTA Online - One of the Obeys introduced with The Criminal Enterprises
GTA Online - One of the Obeys introduced with The Criminal Enterprises

Rockstar Games are about to release the new DLC for GTA Online and leaks are popping up everywhere, revealing most of the good stuff.

GTA Online is getting The Criminal Enterprises update is about to launch in a few hours but the full list of vehicles coming with the DLC has been leaked now. Mind you, some of the names are as they will appear in the game and others are codenames. Furthermore, some of them will be drip-feed vehicles so not all of them will be available as soon as the update drops.

The list of new vehicles in The Criminal Enterprises is as follows:

  1. Corsita
  2. Conada
  3. Draugur
  4. Greenwood
  5. Kanjosj
  6. LM87
  7. Omnisegt
  8. Postlude
  9. Rhinehart
  10. Ruiner4
  11. SM722
  12. Tenf
  13. Torero2
  14. Vigero2

On top of the 14 vehicles available everywhere, there are four new cars that will be purchasable and moddable at Benny's Original Motorworks:

  1. Brioso3
  2. Sentinel Classic
  3. Tenf2
  4. Weevil2

Some of the vehicles will be exclusive to GTA E&E, which is still not coming to PC and Corsita appears to be one of them. 

Rockstar Games GTA Online - Tactical Rifle GTA Online - Tactical Rifle

Meanwhile, Greenwood and Omnisegt will be compatible with Imani Tech from the Agency, which is always good news. Even though Oppressor Mk2 is getting nerfed, it's still better to have a vehicle that is not a sitting duck for homing missiles.

This information is being passed by WildBrick, another reliable GTA leaker, who confirms that the info that was previously leaked by alloc8or still stands.

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