Easter egg nostalgia - throwback to a simpler time

Published: 17:30, 08 April 2017
Updated: 09:07, 02 April 2021
Easter eggs

Game developers are a clever crowd and more often than not, they leave a fun little Easter egg for the players to find. Here's your look back at the Easter eggs from a simpler time.

People around the world will soon celebrate Easter. While gamers celebrate Easter eggs every time they stumble upon one, this is the occasion to put the less talked about or forgotten ones in focus once more.

Adventure - The first one

Atari's action-adventure game "Adventure" was released on Christmas in 1978. The Easter egg is in the black castle catacombs in the south wall of a sealed chamber. You access the chamber using the bridge. Inside the chamber, there is an object, one pixel in size - the "Gray Dot".

The player has to pick up the dot by bouncing the character along the bottom wall. If you bring the dot to the east end of the corridor below the Yellow Castle, it will cause the wall object to become effectively invisible, allowing the player to pass into a room displaying the words "Created by Warren Robinett".

Mr Robinett added this message because Atari didn't list the creators' names on their products at the time.

Atari Adventure Adventure

Assassin's Creed series - The historically accurate one

Even though the games from the franchise aren't a hundred per cent true to actual history, the people you, ahem, assassinate, are. Whenever you're sent to kill a named NPC, they are a real-world historical figure.

Moreover, the time and the location you kill them in are consistent with the location and the time of their death in real life. Is your mind already blown?

Ubisoft Assassin's Creed Assassin's Creed

Fallout: New Vegas - The "what really should have happened" one

In the middle of the desert of New Vegas, you can come across a certain refrigerator. If you open it, you'll find a skeleton wearing a fedora. Congratulations, you have stumbled upon the one and only, now burned to a crisp, Indiana Jones. The fridge stunt he pulled in that movie shouldn't have worked, and the movie could have been much better if it ended right then and there.

Bethesda Screenshot of Fallout New Vegas mocking the silly logic in Indiana Jones Fallout: New Vegas - Indy, is that you?

Dead Rising - The yummy one

Capcom put an Easter egg from their Resident Evil franchise into their Dead Rising series. The Easter egg is in Dead Rising and it refers to the first Resident Evil game in which a character saves Jill Valentine from a trap and says “You were almost a Jill sandwich!”. In Dead Rising, you can find a burger joint named, wait for it, Jill's Sandwiches.

Capcom Dead Rising Dead Rising

Batman: Arkham Asylum - The foreshadow-y one

This one, the developers had to point out themselves, as it was so well hidden. Six months after the game launched, the developers came forward to reveal that, if you go to the warden's office inside Arkham Mansion and blow up the left wall by the fireplace, you'll find a secret room. The room is decked out in blueprints for a city-sized Arkham Asylum - the game's sequel, Arkham City.

screenshot from batman arkham asylum Batman: Arkham Asylum Batman: Arkham Asylum

BioShock 2 - The one with all the continuity

In BioShock 2, you can find the plane you crashed into the ocean during the events in the original game. The plane can be found scattered around on the ocean floor.

2K BioShock 2 BioShock 2

GTA: Vice City - The one with no beating around the bush

This one is coming from the folks who put a man wearing cement shoes into the water near the Leaf Links club, and scared the hell out of poor little me. But this entry is not about that. This entry is about how you can jump from a window near the Vice City News building and land into a room, inside of which, there's a pedestal with a big chocolate egg and the words "Happy Easter" written on it.

Half-Life 2 - The one that gave me nightmares

The Headcrab Zombies were immensely creepy, to begin with, but to find out the sounds they make are the words “God help! Help me!” looped backwards, makes my skin crawl even more.

Metal Gear Solid 3 - The clever one

Hideo Kojima is not above putting crazy characters who read your memory cards into his Metal Gear games. However, this Metal Gear Solid 3 Easter egg allows you to avoid conflict with the old sniper guy altogether. By saving the game, waiting a couple of weeks (or re-setting your console clock) and loading the game again, just to find the man died of old age.

Konami Metal Gear Solid 3 Metal Gear Solid 3

And that would be all, my Friends

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