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Nintendo Switch 2.0 - Things we want to see

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch

Here's a list of things we'd like to see introduced with Nintendo Switch 2.0, which is bound to come at some point, given Nintendo's usual console production cycle.

Okay, so, first things first - a Nintendo Switch version 2.0 has not been announced. Nothing is official. Do not rise to the speculation. That being said however, Nintendo do have a tendency to release new versions of their consoles as time progresses. Especially when it comes to their hand-held devices.

For Gameboy we had the original, the Pocket & the Light.

NintendoGameboy, Pocket, Light.Gameboy, Pocket, Light.

For Gameboy advance we had the original, the Advance SP & the Micro.

NintendoGameboy Advance, Advance SP & Micro.Gameboy Advance, Advance SP & Micro.

For Nintendo DS we had the DS, the Lite, the i & the iXL.

NintendoNintendo DS, Lite, i & the iXL.Nintendo DS, Lite, i & the iXL.

For Nintendo 3DS we had the original, the 3DS XL, the 2DS, New 3DS XL & New 2DS XL.

NintendoNintendo 3DS original, 3DS XL, 2DS, New 3DS XL & New 2DS XL.Nintendo 3DS original, 3DS XL, 2DS, New 3DS XL & New 2DS XL.

So it’s safe to assume that a Switch 2.0 is coming at some point. And personally, we think it needs to come. We do love the Switch and if you are a subscriber to our YouTube channel, you will see all the reviews we have done.

But we have some major grips with the system that need addressing, so let’s get into it.

Improved dock

The Nintendo Switch dock is a complete design failure. It feels so flimsy and having to assemble the thing by putting in the wires inside the cheap plastic frame makes you realise how low quality it is. We would have expected quality like this from a bad third party but not from Nintendo themselves.

NintendoThe dock is a massive design failure.The dock is a massive design failure.

We would like to see a better quality dock that has the wires already inside it. And, like many people, one that does not run the risk of scratching your screen.

More audio options

The audio options on the Nintendo Switch in both docked and portable mode cause serious issues for us personally in capturing footage of games. But for us as regular users it gives a lack of potential for any improvements in the sound quality. The console only has two audio options, linear PCM 5.1ch only via HDMI when in docked mode, and a stereo headphone jack.

NintendoWe hope to see more audio options with Nintendo Switch 2.0We hope to see more audio options with Nintendo Switch 2.0

In docked mode, it’s not easy to get a full surround sound experience as you have to convert the PCM 5.1 audio into Dolby Digital 5.1 to get a full experience. There are many forum posts of users complaining about this and trying to figure out a solution.

The lack of optical audio out, USB, bluetooth or any other method restricts the sound quality you can get out of the machine in portable mode and docked mode. Although a game can look pretty, it’s the sound that is going to help in immersing you, and the Nintendo Switch in its current form is failing at that.

Adult size version

The Switch is a small console for grown adults or children with oversized hands. I mean look at the size of the Joy Cons: approximately 4.02 inches high, 1.41 inches long, and 1.12 inches deep.

NintendoThe Joy Cons are way too small for players with oversized hands.The Joy Cons are way too small for players with oversized hands.

They are just too small for many grown players. We want to gorge when gaming and we ignore the warnings to take a break because that’s our right! But Nintendo, you are hurting us with this. Literally, we are getting cramp. We accept the cramp in our bums from sitting on the toilet, but the cramp in our hands when playing Splatoon 2 is not fun.

An XL version would be great. Bigger screen. Bigger joycons. Bigger buttons.

Analogue controllers

Carrying on with the JoyCons and the Pro Controller. Can we please sort out the analogue sticks? They are too stiff and, quite frankly, they feel like a D-Pad with a stick on top. They have not got the fluid motions when compared to the PS4 and Xbox controllers.

NintendoPro Controller's analogue sticks need some rework.Pro Controller's analogue sticks need some rework.

Dual screen games

At the moment, the Nintendo fanboys are waiting as patiently as they physically can for the virtual store to open, and for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gamecube and Wii games to be dripped fed to us in the store for over inflated prices. And, like suckers, we are going to buy them. But what we really want is the DS library. Unleash that glorious beast to us.

They could have done that with the Wii U because the potential was there with the dual screen hardware, but we were denied - denied a Professor Layton console version, come on Nintendo!

NintendoProfessor Layton - the Wii U version we never got.Professor Layton - the Wii U version we never got.

However, to do this, the Nintendo Switch would have to support dual screen. We are not suggesting how to technically do it. USB C to HDMI perhaps? Just please do it! The Wii U had so much potential, it’s insane. Don’t make the same mistake as before.


And finally, more amiibo support. Make every developer that comes near your offices put amiibo support in it. Players need to be able to justify all their purchases. And, so far, the uptake for amiibos on the Switch has been rather poor.

NintendoWe want much better amiibo support on the new Switch.We want much better amiibo support on the new Switch.