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Need For Speed Payback will have somewhat deeper customisation options than the last few series entries, at least according to the latest trailer. The arcade racing juggernaut is scheduled for a 10 November 2017 release.

The venerable Need for Speed series has turned its back on customisation options somewhat for its last few iterations. That is about to change with Payback. The game seems to be aiming for more of a progression curve, allowing the player to stick with and upgrade a certain car from scrap all the way up to Pimp my Ride levels of custom.

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"With more variety than ever before, you're gonna need to unlock your inner master mechanic to take full advantage of Payback's offerings", the trailer proudly announces - while trying to forget that Need for Speed: Underground was a thing.

The other interesting thing coming from the trailer is the claim that "everything is achievable with time and skill". Does this mean there will be no microtransaction shortcuts for Payback? Well, maybe you won't be able to purchase the exact part that you want or need, but that is where loot boxes/crates come in, right?

GhostNeed for Speed PaybackNeed for Speed Payback

Either way, its good to see the series crawl back to some of its more respectable roots. There is a lot of moaning going on around fan forums that the series has become a little stale with time, and features from the long forgotten Underground period of the series are among the most requested ones by fans.

GhostNeed for Speed PaybackNeed for Speed Payback

Need For Speed Paycheck will be launching during the usual November AAA release mayhem, more specifically 10 November 2017, for PC and consoles. No, not the Switch.