Syberia 3 - Assylum escape gameplay

Syberia 3 Microids
Syberia 3

It doesn't look like delays and Unity did Syberia 3 any good

Some Syberia 3 gameplay footage just popped up and it doesn't make Telxvi happy, at all.  While it might be too soon for prophecies of doom - wooden animation, a washed out aesthetic and a somewhat inconsistent tone are cause for some concern.

MicroidsSyberia 3Syberia 3 - Such a stunning location merits a "wow" from our asylum dweling protagonist

Syberia 3 was scheduled for release back in 2014/2015 only to be delayed several times so Microids could add "more depth".  Well, gone is the hand-drawn appearance of previous games, the lip-syncing is entirely unconvincing (which might be understandable considering the number of different localised versions) and for some reason the game looks more like a Telltale adventure than a Syberia sequel.

I will not waste any time talking about the "dialogue wheel". *shudders*

MicroidsSyberia 3Syberia 3 - Kate about to throw down some opera

Syberia 3 is set to release 20 April 2017 and you can pre-order it on Steam for roughly £30. Let us hope that there will be no need for additional "depth" - or we might end up actually playing it after Half-Life 3.