Is the next League of Legends champion voiced by Vin Diesel?

Riot Games
Promotional art for Pyke, the Ripper of Bloodharbor in League of Legends
League of Legends - Pyke

Riot Games have teased the next League of Legends champion on their official YouTube channel, where he can be heard talking about taking revenge on people who betrayed him. At first he is growling, but starts sounding familiar later on.

Pyke, the Ripper of Bloodharbor opens his promotional video with words that are borderline growls but as the video progresses, his voice slightly calms down and he starts sounding like Vin Diesel. If this turns out to be the case, it will be the first time Riot Games employ a celebrity of this scale to do a voiceover.

That said, the company has been known to work with popular individuals in the past, such Jorn Lande who was the male vocal in both Pentakill albums and Imagine Dragons for a World Championship theme song, so having Vin Diesel voice Pyke may not be such a long shot.

The champion has been confirmed to be an "aquatic support" weeks ago, and he even made a small cameo in the MSI promotional video, seen at 00:45 mark. Considering his lurking nature, players have started wondering if an assassin is actually going to be released before the announced aquatic support, but as it turned out today, the lurking guy is indeed a support champion.

Fans on reddit have made a few comments regarding Pyke's looks contradicting his role, with u/Ivory saying "A support? This guy looks like he'd KS everything." which prompted a Riot employee to answer "You have no idea...". Kill stealing aside, fans are generally happy to see another support champion with dark tendencies, since the last one to fit this niche Thresh, who was released over five years ago.

While Pyke's lore and promotional video look creepy enough, it's hard to imagine him instilling any fear in game, due to sheer amount of Fast & Furious jokes everyone will have queued up before his release.

Riot GamesPyke is stalking some random person in Bilgewater, a pirate city in League of Legends universeLeague of Legends - Pyke's blade is in bottom left corner

On the other hand, he seems to be carrying a rather large knife, which is more reminiscent of another one of Vin Diesel's roles - Riddick. Either way, it will be interesting to see how the champion plays in the upcoming reveal and if the voice actor really turns out to be Vin Diesel.